Approved Unto God

Having successfully completed my PhD studies and our stay in the UK, friends have asked what helped us finish well before returning to India. No matter where we are, it is important that we live a life that pleases God.

There are three questions I ask myself daily from 2 Tim 2:15 that I will leave here so that we can check our “approval rating” with God:

1. Is the Word well used? God’s tool to do God’s work is God’s Word. My PhD is a tool to help me continue doing missions in India. As I went through the Bible–which, ironically, is a difficult thing for researchers in theology–I found it vital to allow the Bible to go through me, i.e. shaping my attitudes, actions, and lifestyle.

2. Is the Work well done? My PhD was hard work but I saw it as loving God with all my mind. The only place where “success” comes before “work” is in the English dictionary! Does integrity and excellence characterize Christians in their workplace? A job done well is a witness to others and our spiritual worship (Rom 12:1).

3. Is my Lord well pleased? It is sad when someone starts well but quits, for whatever reason. Quitters never win; winners never quit. God is faithful to us and pleased when we are faithful to the faith, in the fight, and till the finish (2 Tim 4:7). In the end, what really matters is to hear Christ say, “Well done!”


Dorothy, Alethea, Charis, and I want to thank all who prayed and supported us.

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