He Must Increase, but I Must Decrease

footwashing.jpg  John the Baptist’s desire (John 3:30) is my prayer as we begin a new academic year at SAIACS. I teach Spiritual Formation to our students and seek to demonstrate what has taken me long and hard to learn: servant leadership, which is the only true, Christlike leadership there is! The following poem teaches me what it will take:

Oh, the bitter shame and sorrow
that a time can ever be;
When I let my Savior’s sorrow,
plead in vain and I proudly answered:
All of self and none of Thee

Yet, he found me, I beheld him
bleeding on the accursed tree;
Heard him pray: forgive them Father,
and my wishful heart said faintly:
Some of self and some of Thee

Day by day, his tender mercy
healing, helping, full and free;
Sweet and strong and of so patient
Brought me low, while I whispered:
Less of self and more of Thee

Higher than the highest heaven
deeper then the deepest sea;
Lord thy love at last has conquered
Grant me now my supplication:
None of self but, All of Thee!

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