My Precious Old Book

bibletorn.jpgThough the cover be torn and its pages be worn,
And places bear traces of tears,
Yet more precious than gold is this book worn and old
That can shatter and scatter my fears

As I prayerfully look in this precious old book,
Many treasures and pleasures I see
Many promises of love from my father above
Who is nearest and dearest to me

This book is a guide is a friend by my side
It will lighten and brighten my day
And each promise I find soothes and gladdens my mind
As I preach it and teach it each day

To this book I will cling of its worth I will sing
Though many crosses and losses be mine
For I cannot despair though surrounded by care
While possessing this blessing divine

One comment

  1. This is an all-time favorite. Thank you very much for posting it.
    I would love to have the “sheet” music for it, although I know it as I heard it, but would like to know if I have it correct or not.

    I have shared it when teaching chiuldren, and I think it makes a lasting impression.

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