Gideons for God: Zero to Hero

warrior.jpgWhen we first meet Gideon, we find the most unlikely hero in the most unusual of places. He is threshing wheat by the wine press to hide it from the Midianite raiders (Judges 6). Yet in this cowering farmer, God saw a mighty warrior who would soon deliver Israel from her enemies. More significantly, God saw in a nervous Gideon a concerned  person who was willing to take up a challenge to demonstrate the difference God’s empowering presence can make.

Gideon’s concern is seen in the honest questions that he poses the Angel of the Lord. He was keen to know the reasons for Israel’s impoverishment and oppression. Moreover, he was determined to see God act, once again, on behalf of his people. God is still on the lookout for this fine quality among his people to carry out his purposes, which defines biblical leadership.

How graciously God builds confidence in Gideon, simultaneously challenging him to be part of the answer to his dilemma. Gideon proves his commitment. First, he pulls down the idols in his own home, and then sets up an altar to worship God. In so obeying his Lord in that situation, literally he was offering his life. He now becomes a witness to God’s grace and miracle-working power, both to his family and the hostile society.

When it comes to the Christian’s response to life’s battles, obedience always leads to blessing and divine intervention. Obviously the Lord was with this mighty warrior when, with his 300, Gideon led Israel to victory. Does God see in today’s leaders something of Gideon’s spirit and faith? We often become our own worst critics when we allow reluctance to limit God’s ability. Lets remember, when God deals with impossibilities, He does so not because of what we are or have, but rather because of who He is: faithful. I’ve always been convinced that God’s power shows up best in weak people!

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