Is Your Church Dead or Alive?


Live churches have space problems;
Dead churches have no such worries.

Live churches are always changing things;
Dead churches don’t have to – they remain the same.

Live churches have noisy children and active youth;
Dead churches are fairly quite and serene.

Live churches have a shortage of staff;
Dead churches usually have a surplus.

Live churches are always overspending their budgets;
Dead churches maintain large bank accounts.

Live churches struggle to remember names;
Dead churches – everybody knows everybody – for years.

Live churches are keen to develop new leaders;
Dead churches use the same ones over and over again.

Live churches spend much on missions;
Dead churches keep it all at home.

Live churches are filled with givers;
Dead churches are filled with tippers.

Live churches operate primarily on faith;
Dead churches operate totally on sight.

Live churches strain to learn and serve;
Dead churches seek their comfort zones.

Live churches evangelize;
Dead churches fossilize!

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