“Christian” Religion without Compassion

The following is a modern day parable on nonchalant “Christian” responses to an HIV/AIDS affected person who happened to fall into a pit and could not get himself out:goodsamaritan.jpg

A fundamentalist: “You deserve your pit. The Bible warned you to stay away from it.”
A psychologist: “Learn to accept your own pit. That way you will be happy.”

A liberal apostate: “Your pit is God’s beautiful gift to you, try to get out yourself.”

An activist: “Discrimination against those in pits is illegal, I will protest against it.”

A charismatic: “Just confess and claim that you we not meant to be in the pit.”

An elite member: “We understand, but don’t associate with pit dwellers.”

A frustrated parent: “It’s all your father’s/mother’s mistake you are in this pit.”

A moralist: “It is the fault of the company of friends you’ve kept all these days.”

A follower of Christ: Notices the person, has compassion enough to reach out and put arms around him, and pulls him out saying, “Come my friend, let me share your painful story…”

Adapted from A Handbook for the Church in India. (ed.) by Philip Kuruvilla

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