A Child Theology and Development Movement

childdevelopHistorically, Indian Missions admit to the power in people movements and the Christian Forum for Child Development (CFCD–India) is one that God has generated. CFCD was birthed in October 2008 as a result of spontaneous responses from a group of Christian theologians and practitioners, burdened at the plight of children in crisis, and committed to construct an Indian Child Theology (CT) for Holistic Child Development (HCD).

The fervor and success of the CFCD movement is due to three reasons. Theologically, CFCD considers suffering children not as objects of our service but subjects of Christ’s kingdom. We had better understand God’s missional heart by our solidarity with them. Missionally, our approach is integrative and transformational insofar as our goal, beyond understanding issues in their deplorable state, is to undertake their whole-life development. Practically, CFCD is a loose-knit network of volunteers who are catalysts for change on behalf of the least of these little ones. I’m convinced this is precisely how Christian mission to children is best mitigated in a selfless and sustainable way.

Much has happened this past year and when we count our blessings it does surprise us what the Lord has done! Let me posit the three fronts on which we vitalize our vision to restore dignity and well-being to our nation’s children in crisis. Irrespective of caste, religion, and economic status,  CFCD first creates awareness through conferences and promotes advocacy with a biblical child development theology for Indian churches and Christian institutions. Second, it produces curriculum and trains trainers for theological colleges and Children ministries with the best practices. Third, it facilitates networking and partnerships with local churches and missional institutes or agencies with a similar burden.

CFCD is young and fast growing, yet we recognize that the strength of any movement is not merely in its numbers, momentum, or ability to motivate others into its stream. Its true value is only as good as its contributing members who become the incarnated means of grace–God’s own love in action to rescue the perishing children. On this first anniversary, my sincere thanks go out to all those who sacrificially gave of their service, substance. and selves for this noble cause. During this New Year with all its demands, may each of us be filled with that simple, childlike faith that we may experience Christ’s embrace, proving that he is still in the business of blessing his children.

Happy Birthday, dear CFCD!
Rev. Chris Gnanakan, D.Min, Ph.D
(Honorary Chairman, CFCD – India)


  1. Dear Christ
    CFCD India is a movment that will eventually make an impact on Indian mission and churches to become pro-active in imparting Christ’s value as to bring about transformational changes in youg children, that they may in turn become blessing to the nation.

  2. I received your link from Todd Poulter.

    We have been doing research for Book of Hope and will be for Mission India in India. If you are interested in a conversation please confirm by replying to this e-mail

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