Let’s (not) Talk About ‘Faith’

Faith.imagesHave you been in a situation where you were asked not to talk about ‘faith’, or come across someone who told you they don’t have faith or lost their ‘faith’? But first, do you know the one thing that pleases God and is the only thing that also challenges him? The answer is ‘faith’ in who God is and what he has done for you!

The Bible teaches that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6), which is the reason human’s were created. Many of us are privileged to have been brought up by, lived with, or been influenced by some great men and women of faith – ‘faith in God’, a God who is faithful, who can be trusted, counted on to keep his word and fulfill his purposes in our lives. Therefore to live a ‘life of faith’ in this God is indeed life’s ultimate goal and the precise way we bring God glory. Let’s talk about what ‘faith’ is, and what faith in the God of the Bible look like?

Examining faith’s essence, one discovers in its substance, faith is that which reveals our dependence. It is human reliance that leads and develops into confidence, which in turn gives us assurance or hope in life (Heb.11:1). Faith is what gives meaning to our human existence and offers purpose to otherwise vain or selfish living. In the religious realm we call it belief or conviction.

There are two facts that are essential to the nature of faith: First, all of us have faith, a faith, some sort of faith – that basic human trust, expectation or loyalty. In other words, composed of a web of relationships, we all depend on someone or something, consciously or unconsciously. One’s faith may be of a different kind than what Christians talks about or propounds, yet we all were created with the ability posses the need to, and actually do exercise faith.

The second aspect about Biblical faith is that it always does and must have an object. We all trust in, count on, or depend upon someone or something: real or unreal, animate or inanimate, moral or immoral, temporal or eternal. The object of our faith reveals where our treasure is, where, as Jesus pointed out, our heart and life’s devotion is also. The object of one’s faith divulges where one’s affections and cravings are focused and energies directed toward. This object of faith, be it a person, place or thing – in God or money in the bank – unveils that to which we are totally committed and dedicated to that claims all our devotion and worship.

We do well to remember that at the end of the day, what really matters is our faith expressed in love (Gal.5:6). So let’s start talking about our faith, which not only pleases God, but also points people to his provision ‘in Christ’ – eternal life! If we have a faith worth possessing, we have a faith worth proclaiming.

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