Keeping the Main Thing as the Main Thing

As I direct the training of nationals pastors for evangelism and church planting in restricted access countries, once again, I’m convinced of the importance of “keeping the main thing as the main thing” – Evangelism !

Think about this… Jesus had 3 years of public ministry, the reason people stopped following Christ is because evangelism was essentially much of what He did, and it got more dangerous everyday…

When Jesus preached 5000 would attend as long as He fed them When he cut out the food, only 500 showed up When He said I’m preaching; you’ve got to pray only 120 turned up… When He said I’m sending you out two-by-two only 70 showed up… When Jesus wanted full-time laborers only 12 were there, and one of them was a reject When things got really tough for Him, only 3 stood by to watch When He was on the cross – only 1 person happened to be there!

Now, Think of this… Of the 5000 who ate, 500 was listened, 120 who prayed, 70 who were sent, 12 who served, 3 who dared, only 1 followed Jesus all the way to the cross, John the Apostle, later called… ‘John the Evangelist’!

Do you think Jesus was proud of John? He was told to take care of Jesus’ mother! He listened closely to write one of the most important Gospel. Jesus gave him the vision of the last things, Revelations & when all other disciples were dead, John at the age of 100 was still telling the world of Jesus’ love!

Soul-winning captures God’s heart and shows what it means to follow Jesus!


  1. I heard of this phrase first from Dr.Richard Howell when he spoke in Gideons National convention in Amritsar in the year 2008!
    Really worth practicing.

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