Reputation versus Character

As I spend time building true Christian character and put less concern about reputation at its expense, I remember reading the difference between each:

Reputation is what people see when you are in the spotlight; character is what you know you really are in the dark, when no one is looking!

The circumstances in which you live determine your reputation; the truth you believe and live by determines your character!

Reputation is what you are supposed to be, character is what you really are! Reputation the photograph, character the face!

Reputation comes from without, character develops from within; reputation can be made in a moment, character is built over a lifetime!

Reputation is what you got when you came into a community; character is what you have and take with you when you leave!

Reputation grows like a mushroom, character like the oak; reputation makes you rich or poor, character makes you happy or miserable!

A newspaper report gives you your reputation, a life of toil your character; reputation is what people write on your tombstone, character is what angels confess about you before God’s throne!

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