NOW! – It’s About Time!

Remember the time you waited for that important letter to come, a critical phone call or urgent appointment? Then, at last, it did and you heaved: ‘It’s about time!’ Does God have such moments when the Church eventually ‘gets it’ with regard to Jesus’ missionary call and purpose. What time is it? Seriously, do we know the signs of our times? A generation ago A. Guitherman described modernity with a humorous poem…

First dentistry was painless then bicycles were chainless,
Carriages were horseless and many laws enforceless;
Next cookery was fireless and Telegraphy wireless,
Cigars were nicotineless and coffee caffieneless;
Soon oranges were seedless, the putting green weedless,
The college boy was hairless, the proper diet fatless;
Then motor roads were dustless, the latest steel is rustless,
Our tennis courts are sodless and our new religion – Godless!

Our conference is about ‘time’ – the ‘stuff’ life is made of. Time is not commodity but a gift; divine currency to invest during life. How we use it has consequences NOW and for eternity. We cannot manufacture time but are called to manage it for missio Dei, the Mission of God! Christians need to take ‘time out’ to redeem or buy back time wasted in not investing our talents and treasures to win the lost at any cost, while we can! Do we really believe all without Christ as their Savior are eternally lost? Carl Henry notes: ‘The Gospel is only good news if it reaches people in time!’ Is Christian mission possible? Yes we can, and must engage NOW!
Our theme: ‘NOW ’, unpacks Romans 13: 11 on the (1) Necessity (2) Priority and (3) Urgency of missions. First, from Jesus’ parable of the shrewd manager (Lk.16:1-13) we deal with the ‘USA Today’: It’s Party Time with anarchy in Postmodernity, apostasy in Churchianity and apathy in Christianity! We’ve broken God’s laws and Judgment Day is a comin! It’s time for God to work! Second, we examine Jesus’ parable of the Sower and soils (Lk.8:4-15) relating them to ‘Church Today’ and our response to God’s Word and the Great Commission. Hardened, Half-hearted and Hollow-hearted church-goers hear but don’t heed the call for missions. How can we break up fallow grounds? Third, the parable of the foolish farmer explains ‘Missions Today’. Our meaningless mess is characterized by a Materialism that is body/pleasure-centered, a Narcissism that is self-centered and an Instant-ism that abuses the ‘now’ at the expense of caring for others and their Christ-less eternity! If you don’t mission with us you will miss out on what God wants to do for us! – C. Gnanakan

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