There’s Hope, for Haiti!

The ‘cream of the crop’, 90 top-notch Haitian leaders, attended our Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) training 15-18 June held in the air-con facility of TransWorld Radio Station (4VEH) in Cap Haitien. The event was promoted over 6 months by Maine Haitian Ministries director, Pam Brochure, member of Bangor Baptist where I serve as Mission Pastor. We certified 25 Haitian trainers to “go and do likewise”! All costs were shared and paid-in-full!

On the Haitian side this event was set up by Pastor Saintil of New Jerusalem Baptist Church and Dr Jules Casseus, President of the Theological University. As the missioner, Immanuel Mano put it: “We have had many seminars but this was one-of-kind training, just what our leaders needed to meet the need of the hour – a New Haiti with a New Church to reach all our people”.

Assisted by pastors Barnes, Maxy and Blaise our 4-day training 8am-5:30pm was translation into French Cero. Leaders shared struggles and challenges, yet discovered in small groups, the resources and way forward to: “find, fetch, flock and feed the lost sheep of Haiti!” Our coffee-breaks and lunch hours were bustling with discussion, arguments, even laughter concerning how their task lists and timeline for our four church planting phases were to be implemented.

Dr Jules notes: “For years the Haitian functioned as a partisan of oppression or a silent bystander, afraid to take a stand against the socio-political oppression and injustices found on every hand”. Having taken the training, he is convinced, now “the Church can be a prophetic voice against Satan’s activities in the arenas of idolatry, Voodoo and immorality”. With the others trained, he submitted that in making Christ known and discipling nationals in reproductive Haitian churches “we can denounce and overcome oppression, injustice, egoism and vengeance”. He is finding ways for us to teach DCPI as a required course in his seminary!

As you can imagine, there were countless stories! Perhaps the experience of pastor Weljean Compere, whose Open Door Church I preached at will serve to illustrate the impact of our training. Weljean was targeted to be killed by Voodoo witch doctors, but now bombards their territory preaching the Gospel and has planted four churches. He found it vital to bring his pastors to our training and was engaged from the start with the 12 Biblical principles. “How come nobody shared these indispensable tools for church planting with us until now?!” he exclaimed. Finding the “process of discipleship and need for mentors most valuable” he suggested they train Haitian lay church leaders in it!

There is a burden I have especially for the countries OTAN serves in. There is no way any one person can follow up such harvest. We have many preachers-teachers, but God must raise a few father-figures – mentors to promote missions so the nationals we leave behind will be found faithful to the Great Commission! Thanks for your support without which I couldn’t’ do what God has called me to do! Changing Nations, One National Leader at a Time!

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