Which faith is set out to win the world, how?

Which is the only great and the largest of all Non-Christian world religions, younger than Christianity yet most resistant to it? … Islam! For every one missionary the Church worldwide sends, Muslims send four! Anyone interested in global missions, burdened to reach the least and hardest people group can’t afford to miss a foundational course on what is Islam, and seek to understand how it is taking over our world!

I’m honored to be a part of and teach Islamic Studies with Berty Abdelmasih (Egypt) & Jay Smith (UK) as part of the Outreach Training Institute in DC. I can’t wait to learn, be challenged and engaged in witnessing to Muslims in our multi ethnic, pluralistic, postmodern society. Christianity is not the only missional faith set out to win the world, Islam is and subtly or aggressively it is happening in many areas. Researcher Gordon Olson notes, ‘if current trends continue, by 2020 every major US city will be predominantly Muslim!’ I’ve encouraged our staff to enroll and be equipped to counter this faith!

This is a comparative study of Eastern Religions represented by Hinduism-Buddhism as they relate to Islam. Asia, the largest continent, has spawned and houses the world’s major religions within a host of socio-religious contexts. One must understand and take seriously the different worldviews, cultures and ideologies. In juxtaposing the truth claims of Hindus/Buddhists with Muslims, we examine the main tenets of their beliefs to critically assess how compatible they are to the Christian faith and particularly to Jesus’ exclusive claims.

Course Objectives: the student will…

1. Be aware of key religious terms and theologically compare the core values and belief systems of people of other faiths: Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim (Cognitive) 2. Be able to meaningfully, sensitively, yet passionately defend Christianity while seeking to present Christ’s unique person and work (Affective-missional) 3. Develop a lifestyle, based on guidelines taught, that appreciates, relates to and clearly communicate the Gospel of Christ within a pluralistic society (Behavioral)

Course Outline: Introductions: Our Global Village & the pluralistic predicament 1. A Few Facts on other Faiths (Hinduism Buddhism, Christianity and Islam) 2. Worldviews, Core Values, Belief systems: multi-cultural; multi-faith 3. Authority, Scriptures, Distinctive practices, common misunderstandings 4. Spiritualities: (non)Christian: monotheism, pluralism, evangelism 5. Salvation: Perspectives, Many Way/s of: inclusive, exclusive / combo, delusive 6. The Uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ: Avatar, Buddha or Prophet? 7. Religion, Revelation and Rule of God: karma, kismet and charis (grace)!   8. Oh My, God!: Pantheism, Pluralism, Postmodernism and Fundamentalism/s 9. Rise of Religious Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Hindutva, Al-Qaida 10. Relating to Other Faiths: Walk your Talk; Focus your Faith; Tell the Truth

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  1. This is a great opportunity for both learning and equipping for future challenges. We’ll pray that this not only informs, but results in a forward movement of the Gospel into dark places!

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