Roots & Wings, we need both! Psa.1:3 & Isa.40:31

Roots & WingsA tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit… has “roots!” Roots are vital, providing life-giving sustenance for the tree to grow and be productive. Roots are underground, not visible; yet without them, the tree has no stability. Chaff, without roots, gets blown away by every wind of difficulty. Roots strengthen, provide stay during storms of adversity. OTAN is “planted” with deep “roots” that represent essential values that hold us up and together

We thank God for Otis Goodwin, our founder.  In talking with his wife Roxann, one readily recognizes at least two values ingrained in who we are and all we do at OTAN.  First, a deep fervor to obey the Word of the Lord that endures forever!  Back in 1986, Otis started by taking Yu Study Bibles to Chinese nationals so they know God’s Way of salvation in Jesus.  OTAN still thrives with this Biblical Mandate as our basis and marching orders.  Second, Otis had a deep faith to rely on the God of the Word who promises to meet our every need.  Did you know OTAN started with $750 by the Goodwins who had less than 50% of their support raised?  Today we belong to a rootless generation with so much to live with, yet so little to live for!  Our great Jehovah will guide us as we trust and obey and supply all our needs in Christ the same yesterday, today and forever!

Over 27 years later… OTAN is taking the Gospel into a global village! Our world of over 7 billion has shrunk; science, technology, trade and commerce have wired us all together!  Asia, the largest, most religiously diverse, missionally-challenged continent houses most unreached peoples within the 10/40 window.  It is a laboratory for persecuted nations!  With economic melt-down, fragmented families, violent societies and rising fundamentalism, how are we making disciples of all nations?  We can lose faith, have a crisis, get buried in it all.

Like the Psalmist (55:6), many want wings like a dove to fly away and be at rest!  At OTAN we know ‘they that trust on the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up with… “wings” like eagles!’  We need “wings” to fly not from, but to God, to refuel under the shadow of His wings!  From this place, with renewed vision, mission and passion, we rise up to reach out and change our world.  Thinking of roots standing for stability and wings representing mobility – what is a missionary movement that intentionally and strategically gets the Great Commission done? Now, that’s what OTAN is all about!