Take a walk… with God!

It was a pleasant Sunday evening as Cleopas and his friend tread a seven mile road toward a town named Emmaus (Lk. 24:13-35). The two were feeling down and disheartened. Jesus, their teacher, had inspired much hope in them but then he was unjustly tried and murdered three days ago. They were further disillusioned as mysterious news concerning his missing body had filtered to their ears that morning

As they walked and talked about the tragedy, a Stranger joined then on that trial and enquired: “what things” were they discussing. Quite surprised at his ignorance, they plainly narrated the facts concerning Jesus’ life, ministry and gruesome death. They further stated evidence that seemed to indicate that Jesus was now alive – the testimonies of the women, the disciples, two angels and his empty tomb! Curiously all these facts and findings had left Cleopas and his friend still faithless and despondent.

Now the Stranger took charge of the conversation. At first he rebukes them for being slack to trust the Holy Scriptures. Next he gently explains to them how the seemingly tragic events of Jesus death were paradoxically the very pathway for him to enter his kingly glory. Then on their request, the Stranger stays on to share a meal with them. Here, as he went over the task of ‘breaking bread’ suddenly the disciples recognise him to be none other than ‘Jesus himself’ alive!

Faith in their risen Savior now warmed and excited them. Jesus had opened not only the Scriptures but also opened their eyes to it’s truths, and their minds and their hearts as to who He really was! Hereafter, Cleopas and his friend could not hold back their exuberant joy of the experience they had with their risen Lord. They began to open their mouths and confess ‘Jesus is Lord’. They continued to experience His presence daily with them. The question this Easter for us to answer is simply: Is Jesus a Stranger to us or a Savior with us?

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