Gethsemane: what to do at your breaking point

images2Gethsemane, Aramaic for ‘Oil press’, was an olive garden maintained by wealthy Jews on the west slopes of the Mt. of Olives (Mt. 26:36-41; Lk. 22:42). On his way to Jerusalem, across the Kidron valley, Jesus reveals to his disciples how that same night they will ‘desert’ him. The Shepherd is going to be struck and his sheep scattered (Zech. 13:7); Peter vehemently vows that even if the others did, he will never let him down (v.33) and Jesus warns that before cockcrow, Peter would have denied him thrice! At Gethemane, Jesus shows us how to be strong Continue reading

Jesus… ‘in the midst’

crosses.jpgJesus must be the centre and source of the Christian faith and life. The Good Friday and Easter Sunday events show Jesus dying ‘in the midst’ of two thieves, then manifesting himself ‘in the midst’ of his followers as the resurrected Lord. What was He doing amidst these people? Studying the significance of these occasions will help us understand the reality of Jesus’ oft-quoted promise: Where two or three are gathered in my name there I am ‘in the midst’ (Mt. 18:20) Continue reading

He Has Risen = Mission Possible!

Christians may have differences in some areas of belief but one truth claim of Jesus is non-negotiable – his bodily resurrection! The early Christians didn’t merely share the fact of Jesus’ death they preached his resurrection proclaiming him ‘Lord of life’! Good Friday was our human ‘NO’ to Jesus, Easter is God’s ‘YES’ to Him! The Cross was the Son’s payment for our sins, the empty tomb the Father’s receipt stamped ‘paid-in-full!’ Because Christ lives his followers will also live! (Jn. 14:19) This is good news – the Gospel! Christianity has a risen Savior, not a dead founder, hence a ‘living hope’; a faith that’s real, future with hope, community (church-life) with purpose and a mission that’s possible! The women who went that resurrection morning ‘looking for the living among the dead’ (Mt 28:1-10) became the 1st Gospel preachers! Let’s join them to hear 4 words of exhortation that will mobilize mournful seekers to be fervent missionaries.. Continue reading

Take a walk… with God!

It was a pleasant Sunday evening as Cleopas and his friend tread a seven mile road toward a town named Emmaus (Lk. 24:13-35). The two were feeling down and disheartened. Jesus, their teacher, had inspired much hope in them but then he was unjustly tried and murdered three days ago. They were further disillusioned as mysterious news concerning his missing body had filtered to their ears that morning Continue reading

God’s “Home” town, Bethlehem: believe it or not!

bethlehem.jpgNo matter where we happen to be, the mention of our native place or “hometown” can recreate fond memories and associations. “Bethlehem” focuses our thoughts on a precise time in history and transports us to a particular place in Palestine where Christmas happened (Lk.2:4). Importantly, it tells the story of a peculiar way in which God revealed himself and his loving purposes to us Continue reading

Immanuel: Our Alongside God, with Skin On!

maryboychild.jpgThe two fears characterize our post-modern, hi-tech age: loneliness and despair. We’ve actively filled life with ‘stuff’ that paradoxically leave us empty and disillusioned. We crave ‘something more’ hoping the ‘next best thing’ will satisfy! Our materialistic lifestyles have left us more to live with yet less to live for! We have so many time-saving gadgets but no quality time for our ministry or family. We long for meaningful, enduring relationships: someone to share life with! Continue reading

Watch Your Mouth!

Proverbs is a practical book, like James in the NT, and offers wisdom and warnings that relate to real life issues. Communication is vital in any relationship and proper speech or use of words can either make or break relationships. We’ve heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words cannot harm me.” Really?! Proverbs teaches us much about a boneless part of our body that wields immense power for good or evil and can create untold problems! Continue reading