“Missional Praying” as Fellowship-Partnership in the Gospel

Paul and the Philippians engaged in the Great Commission in what may be termed as “missional praying,” through which they developed intimacy and enhanced their mutual outreach. Paul had these co-workers on his mind (Phil. 1:3). He considered them “saints” and thought of ways he could be their “servant.” Then he turned his thoughts into… More “Missional Praying” as Fellowship-Partnership in the Gospel

We Do Not Well, If We Don’t Tell (2 Kings 7:1-20)

Tucked into this rarely read section in the Old Testament of our Bibles is a compelling story that can motivate and mobilize New Testament believers for mission. God’s people in Samaria, Northern Israel, are besieged by their Syrian enemy and struck by a lethal famine. Prices are exorbitant; desperate people resort to cannibalism! To add… More We Do Not Well, If We Don’t Tell (2 Kings 7:1-20)

The Perfect Present

I struggle getting gifts for family and loved ones especially at Christmas time. The difficulty lies in selecting the best possible gift. My predicament is threefold: First, they may already have what I’m planning to get them.  Second, they may not care to value or use it. Third, given they really need it, I worry… More The Perfect Present

Simeon’s InSight, ForeSight, Vision 4Mission

Day by day he was getting older, weaker and his eyesight… dimmer! Simeon was ‘a man’; a poor, aging commoner with his share of daily difficulties in getting up each morning. Yet his devotion to God’s and his word was swelling and determination steadfast! The Spirit had assured Simeon that he will not see death… More Simeon’s InSight, ForeSight, Vision 4Mission

Simeon’s Christmas: Hope Amidst [Physical] Fears

Growing older, I’m learning that practical faith and Christian living doesn’t mean I won’t have serious doubts. God gives faith as a gift to yielded believers who like Simeon, yearn to see his glory! I’ve watched some youth act “old and grumpy” yet many a Simeon/Anna “growing old gracefully”. Humans age and develop anxiety over the… More Simeon’s Christmas: Hope Amidst [Physical] Fears

Christmastime: Waiting for/on Our On-Time God

It’s Christmastime, at last! I find waiting really difficult. We belong to a restless rat-race where waiting is synonymous to wasting time! Solitude is scary and stillness adds stress. Waiting when related to unemployment, ill-health or broken relationships can cause anxiety. Do you feel like you have been put “on hold”? I find it striking how… More Christmastime: Waiting for/on Our On-Time God